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natalie was very proffesional and helped me get my money! thank you, i will be using this service again!

Runescape Gold

Want to buy Runescape gold? It’s easy with RSGOLD: we’ll make it happen if you wish.

Tired of unreliable gold traders with shoddy customer support and weak reliability? We at RSGOLD have one goal in mind: to ensure your purchase is hassle-free and unfailing. You really are our greatest priority.

RSGOLD concept: "a happy customer is likely to return, thus, we need to make sure you are well-received."

Our solution, and the main goal for us, is to provide the most convenient, efficient, and reliable services while offering the best prices on the market. We strive for the trading process to be painless and without hiccups. Our gold stock is always healthy, and our suppliers are rs players - just like you.

Flexible trading methods

What’s included in our services? Our gold can be delivered by trade or even through a stake in the duel arena. Have any other wishes? Let us know and we’ll do our best to fulfill them. Besides an safe trading experience, we confirm orders within 5-10 min. We don’t believe getting your gold should take longer.

Safe online trading

We believe in ensuring your safety. It’s important to us that both the buyer and seller feels like their personal safety is being valued. If you feel for a second that you are not feeling safe - let us know and we’ll be there for you. Do you have suggestions for us on how to further improve? We’ll listen. We strive to keep holding the title as the safest option out there.

The ideal gold vendor

We see many problems in the current gold market, and we’re constantly working towards being a role model in this regard. With RSGOLD, weak, insincere, impersonal customer support is unheard of. We are just people, much like you, so we know what’s needed to make you feel right at home. Never do you need to feel unwelcome again.

Round-the-clock service

Feeling unsure on how to proceed? Do not hesitate for a second to contact us through or live chat. We will answer any question you may have to the best of our ability. We welcome your inquiries - we’re here for you.

Refund policy

If you by any chance want to stop the transaction, this is fully possible, assuming it’s still uncompleted.

In the simplest terms, RSGOLD offers you:

  • Instant gold delivery
  • A continuously healthy stock
  • Around-the-clock customer service
  • The highest possible safety
  • A smile with your gold